Kirtan is singing God’s Name with feeling (Bhava), love (Prem) and faith (Sraddha). In Sankirtan people join together and sing God’s Name collectively in a common place. There is accompaniment of musical instruments such as harmonium, violin, cymbals, Mridanga or Kole etc. There are nine modes of Bhakti (Nava-Vidha-Bhakti). Kirtan is one of the nine modes. One can realise God through Kirtan alone. This is the easiest method for attainment of God-consciousness. Sri Tuka Ram, Sri Ram Prasad, Lord Gauranga had attained Godhood through Kirtan and Kirtan alone.

On the video below you can see a beautiful, ecstatic sankirtan of ISKCON members in London. Hope you’ll enjoy it.




By Jura Nanuk

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