Easy way to avoid mad cow disease

Afraid of mad cow disease? Become vegetarian! Not only will you stay safe from mad cow disease, but you might experience many other health benefits.

And, by the way, do cows eat people? Well, what right then people have to eat cows? Do to others as you would like others to do to you. Tigers and lions sometimes eat people, so maybe it would be OK to eat tigers and lions. There would be at least some, although primitive, logic in doing that. But what harm did a cow, sheep, goat or chicken ever did to anybody?


How would you feel if a cow ate you?
Caught you and bopped you,
And chopped you in two,
Fried you or boiled you or put you in stew,
With carrots, potatoes and an onion or two?

So someone at dinner when you’re starting to chew,
Put down your stake and ponder this through,
How would you feel if a cow ate you?

(author unknown to me)